(Flower) Water is the new black


So we’re a fickle bunch, us skin care users. In the beginning we hated oil, probably a good thing as it was often petroleum based (not plant based) and now we love oil (plant based only of course!). Plant oils are highly nutritious and have wonderful benefits for our skin, above and beyond simple “moisturizing”.

But is feeding our skin with these gorgeous oils enough?

Our skin is actually made up more of water than oil. It is about 70% water. So surely it makes sense to be applying water based products to our skin, as much, if not more than oil based? Absolutely! And this also explains why one of the best ways to improve the health and look of your skin is quite simply to drink more water.

Since incorporating a much more generous amount of my water-based skin care to my routine, and recommending customers to do the same, I have seen some wonderful results. The biggest changes I have seen are acne and blemishes clear up faster, skin “glows” with more radiance, fine lines diminish and dark circles under the eyes reduce. Don’t we all want to see this in our own skin!

Imagine a skin cell when healthy and plump with it’s 70% water. Now think of what cells need to do: transport food from one place to another, take away waste products from one place to another, communicate to each other about their needs, all these processes occur in the water part of the cells. Now image that cell, dehydrated and limp. Those processes are going to be seriously impeded. Cell replication and repair won’t occur as needed, food won’t get to where it needs to go and waste products won’t get taken away. This seriously effects the health and therefore look of our skin.

So drinking water is very important, and the most effective way of hydrating our skin. But I find that in the winter months especially (cold outside air as well as hot dry heat from car heaters, fires and central heating), my skin loses water from it’s surface so rapidly that my skin loves to be hydrated from the outside too.

As you may know, I keep my oils and my waters separate in my products, this enables me to stay away from emulsifiers and more importantly preservatives. So try adding one of these water based products into your routine and see the difference in your skin this winter:

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