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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now, I get a lot of messages every week asking for help with choosing which products are right for them. Because of this, I feel like I’m missing something on my website. I haven’t quite realized what it is yet (maybe it’s this blog post!) so in the meantime I hope this helps.

Choosing is actually really simple, explaining it is less so…

There is really only one rule, and two exceptions

One rule
Choose the products you like the smell of (or sound of as we don’t have smellable-computers yet). I’m a big believer in allowing our body and/or intuition to make the decisions.

1st exception: If your skin is very reactive (such a rosacea, or eczema or just very very sensitive) choose the unscented cleanser (Jojoba & Calendula) and moisturizer (Rosehip & Argan). Or items found here - Calming Collection

2nd Exception: Some people like to see their skin type and product recommendations on a chart; this is a great way to choose also … in which case use this chart to find out your skin type and then “SHOP BY SKIN TYPE” from the main menu. If your skin is a real mix of all the skin types, which is so often the case, then choose by smell.

But aren’t certain plants, and so the essential oils and carrier oils good for specific skin types?

Yes and no.

I think we pigeon-hole plants into being good only for certain skin types, when in fact most are balancing. The ones I have chosen are balancing for all skin types and conditions. Smell is an incredibly emotional sense, and I would hate to encourage someone to buy and use something that the smell reminds them of a bad experience or person, or that they just don’t like. The aromatherapy benefits of my products can be huge…but only if you like the smell!

I hope this has helped, if not feel free to email me!


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