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Our body and how it works is incredible. Its desire to heal and rebalance itself is strong.

Unfortunately as our skin is so visible to others - and our desire to look perfect, driven by the unrealistic and damaging mainstream beauty industry - we feel the need to apply endless products and interfere too much. I get it.

When my skin was bad, I applied endless products and spent so much money desperate to make my eczema go away.

I want you to do less to your skin. I believe most people use too many products with too many ingredients, too often.

This interferes with the skin’s own processes of growth and repair, which long-term, causes the skin to deteriorate and become unbalanced. My skincare respects our own natural processes of rejuvenation and encourages our skin to work for itself again; the aim is to use fewer products over time, not more, and not to rely on products to make our skin look good.

In my previous careers I have been a chef, holistic therapist, retail manager in the natural products industry and staff trainer for organic skin care companies. I have been working with natural skin care products and ingredients for over 20 years here in BC, Canada and the UK.

In 2012 I launched my own brand - a culmination of all the knowledge I had gained over the years.

Ever since I have worked with a small team of wonderful women, making our products in small batches by hand, using only the highest quality organic ingredients that are richest in nutrients for our skin.

We all want to feel good about how we look. Our products will support your body to heal and rebalance all skin issues. We are always here to help you on your journey, please get in touch if you need anything.

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