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Sun cream for all seasons!


As I look out my window and see the snow start to fall out of the heavy grey sky, the last thing I should be thinking about is sun cream. But, this time of year I start to get lots more questions about sun protection from two types of lucky customers. Firstly, the winter sun beach-seekers, and secondly, the blue-bird day snow-seekers.

Sun protection products are some of the scariest on the market in my opinion, with high levels of toxic, irritating, hormone disrupting chemicals. They are the skin care product I get the most amount of questions about, from customers seeking alternatives due to many and severe adverse skin reactions.

Thankfully there are more and more options on the market which don’t have the scary ingredients (avobenzene…oxybenzone…), so we can protect ourselves from the sun in a truly safe way. The key is to look for a mineral sun cream, which means that you are creating a physical barrier from the harmful UV rays not a chemical change in the skin which stops the skin from burning. The ideal mineral is zinc oxide as it reflects away the sun’s rays whilst having no adverse issues with our skin, in actual fact, zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory on the skin – what a bonus!

So if you are heading to the beach to escape the chill or catching the ski lift don’t forget to protect your skin, in a truly safe way!

Try my sun creams:

Chamomile & Calendula Sun Cream

Lemongrass & Lavender Sun Cream


Be safe!

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