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When should my child start using skin care?

Unsurprisingly many of my customers are moms, so when their children start to either have skin issues or start to experiment with skin care products, they get in touch with me to ask “Is your skin care suitable for my teenager?” or “When should my son/daughter start to use products?”.

Two great questions, here are my answers:

Is my skin care suitable for young skin? Absolutely!

As my skin care is focused on working with our skin’s natural rhythms and processes it is perfect for first time skin care users. I shudder at all the face scrubs and masks that I slapped on my fresh skin during my early teenage years (and earlier!). Young skin, however, does not need a full range of products, just one or two depending on what’s happening with the skin is plenty. A great place to start is one of my oil cleansers as they clean the skin of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells and help to balance oil production but do not strip the skin of it’s natural oils.

When should my son/daughter start to use skin care products?

This totally depends on two things. One is your son/daughter interested in experimenting with skin care products? Or are they experiencing any skin issues?

Girls, in particular, will start to experiment with skin care quite early on. Whether that’s a lip balm or a girlie face mask party. This is a great time to introduce the idea of plant and flower based products instead of going to the drugstore. I clearly remember the sachet of “Cucumber Cooling Mask” that I used at a sleep-over aged about 10 that gave me a huge puffy red face by the morning. I know one mom who bought some tiny pots and decanted small amounts of her Helena Lane Skincare for her daughter to experiment with. Her daughter LOVED the idea of using the same products as her mom.

If you see your son or daughter’s skin start to look unhealthy, the introduction of a simple oil cleanser can make a world of difference and help to keep breakouts away too.

Again, there is no need for a bathroom full of products for young skin, the less the better really. So start with an oil cleanser, that should be all that is needed!

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