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Multipurpose skin care


Isn’t it great when you work out that your favourite cuticle cream is in fact the most awesome lip balm you have ever tried?! Not experienced this? Well, if you are using any of my Helena Lane Skincare products I’m going tell you just how multipurpose they are:

Shhhhhh…. but my cleansers can also be used as a wonderful body moisturizer. I take the Chamomile & Mandarin on holiday with me and use it as a post day-in-the-sun body treatment.

Check out my Mists, I have the Geranium & Lemon in my bathrooms to freshen the air or give the sink or toilet bowl a quick freshen up. Both the Chamomile & Rose and the Rose & Frankincense make gentle but delicious deodorants or body sprays. I have emails from happy customers, one lady uses the mists as a “cooling” spray when her young children start to unravel and one gentleman who’s life has been changed by using the Rose & Frankincense as effective relief from his unbearable shingles!

The Rose & Frankincense Serum has been used a remedy for cradle cap, split ends and scarring, as well as a wonderful de-frizz serum for the hair and a few drops in a warm bath transforms you to a place of deep calm and relaxation.

I get asked for an eye cream regularly but you may already have one… the Rose & Argan Moisturizer has all the best ingredients to support the eye area, and for even better results layer it over, or use the Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum.

My Chamomile & Calendula Sun Cream is exactly like a zinc based diaper cream for babies bottoms.


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