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Be gone forever, Blackheads!!


Have you tried endless scrubs and masks to clear away the blackheads in your T-Zone? Do they seem to work for a day or so then all of a sudden your skin looks exactly the same?

Let me explain why, and then tell you MY secret to blackhead free skin.

A blackhead is an enlarged pore with an oily plug sitting in it with a dirty “head” (hence the name). When we use a scrub to remove it this is what happens. As we scrub our skin the very tip of the blackhead gets scraped off, at the same time the scrubbing action causes inflammation and irritation to the pore opening, this inflammation actually pushes the rest of the oily plug deeper into our skin. As the inflammation subsides the oily plug rises to the surface again, gets dirty and guess what? Hello blackhead!

So my solution? … Oil cleansing! Here’s why…

As I’ve said before oil “dissolves” oil (what I mean by that is two oils, a clean one and a dirty one, will mix together gently and effectively, ready for removing with a cloth), and oil is slippery. When we massage the oil cleanser over the affected area, the “clean” oils of the cleanser literally slip down the sides of the oily plug and help to slide it out. This may happen in one time or may take a week or two. As we are not scrubbing, there is no inflammation so the oily plug can rise to the surface freely and be wiped away. For best results, place a warm damp cloth over the face for a minute or so first to really open the pores and soften the skin.

I get a lot of thrilled customers telling me about the transformations their skin has gone through after using my cleansers, and the disappearance of blackheads is definitely one of the most common comments I get. Give it a try!

Try my oil cleanser:

Red Western Cedar & Lemon Oil Cleanser

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