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R is for Roses (Bulgarian Rose)

I look at plants a lot differently than most people out there, and that goes for the beautiful rose, as well. Of course I love roses for their beauty, scent, and the symbolism of love… but when I look at a rose, I also see its power to soothe and heal.

Aromatherapy of Rose

Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory, and I bet the sweet scent of rose will bring you somewhere special. Is it a flower garden? The wild roses by the ocean? Or someone who once wore a perfume with rose notes?

No matter your own memory with the scent of rose, it holds special power in the world of aromatherapy. Inhaling the essence of rose has shown to reduce cortisol levels, slow breathing rate, provide relief from anxiety and stress, induce a more restful sleep, and provide relief from pain. It may even help with headaches, migraines, and some allergies.

These relaxing properties of roses are one reason I use them in my products, but the benefits of this flower go far beyond its perfume.

Rose’s Health Benefits

The rose is an ancient plant that has flourished around the world for thousands of years. The precious Bulgarian rose (or Rosa damascena), has deep roots in the Middle East. There, it’s been used for its oil as far back as the 7th century. With such a long history to back it up, this rose has been extensively studied for its medical properties.

Traditionally, this rose and its oil were used to alleviate chest pain, inflammation, heart and digestive problems, and even menstrual complaints. Like so many other ancient plants, such as argan oil or beeswax, people have kept using these natural remedies because they work!

Scientific studies are backing up what the ancients knew, and keep discovering new and exciting properties of the plant. Studies have shown promising results using rose in treatment of coughs, dementia, refractory seizures in children, and may even lower blood sugar levels associated with diabetes. I Love that these studies are taking place, and can only hope they are actually used as medicines in the future.

But with a world full of rose variations, what makes the Rosa damascena so special?

Why Bulgarian Rose?

This special rose is grown in the Kazanlak region of Bulgaria, an area known as Rose Valley. As the largest producer of this essential oil in the world, Rose Valley is also making one of the most expensive essential oils on the market. This is due in part to the astounding number of flowers it takes to make the oil; for one drop of essential oil, one hundred blooms must be processed.

I choose to use organic Bulgarian rose, because I know that the purest ingredients will offer the best results for the skin. I also adore the scent! It’s perfume is of classic rose – deep and rich, not sweet – and the organic oil is more complex than non-organic versions.

So if the scent of Bulgarian rose does our nervous system good, and the plant may even help treat internal conditions… what powers does it hold for us externally, for our skin?

Roses SKincare Ingredients

Rose’s Skincare Benefits

You probably aren’t surprised to hear that yes, Bulgarian rose has impressive benefits for our skin as well. Perhaps the properties that create the soft, supple petals of the rose are what offer support to our sensitive skin.

I like to use all parts of plants in my products, and the rose is no different. This is because each part has different nutrients and biochemical components. You can find rose hydrosol, essential oil and even powder in my skincare products, making use of all the rosey goodness that I can.

Specifically, Rosa damascena has a wide array of antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. All of this is what makes the rose perfect to soothe sensitive, aging, or irritated skin.

Rose essential oil has shown to improve skin texture by reducing surface water loss, while the high amount of astringent and antioxidant vitamin C in rose can help tighten the tiny, broken capillaries at the surface of the skin. It’s also often used in skincare products to soften fine lines. Several of my products contain the nourishing, skin-loving essence of rose. Which one will you try first?

Discover Rose Skincare Products

Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hydrating Mist with Rose hydrosol (distillate).

Floral and nurturing, this flower water heals and refreshes the skin. Mix with your facial moisturizer or oil for extra hydration.

Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum with Rose hydrosol (distillate)

This ultra-lightweight serum contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin nurturing plant hydrosols to give the skin a mega moisture boost. Layer under your moisturizer or face oil to cool and calm the skin immediately. You can also use the serum around the eye bone to erase puffiness and smooth out fine lines

Rose & Frankincense Nourishing Moisturizer with Bulgarian rose essential oil (steam distilled)

A rich, highly nutritious moisturizer with exquisite organic rose and frankincense essential oils to calm redness and tone the skin. Only a tiny amount is needed of this very concentrated formula.

Green Tea & Blue Algae Soothing Face Mask with Rose powder

A deeply soothing, creamy mask with healing antioxidants to reduce redness and strengthen the skin. This mask leaves even the most sensitive and reactive skin calm and soothed.

Nourishing Skincare Set

Support, protect, and rejuvenate your skin with this trial or travel set. Containing all six products formulated to help nourish and boost radiance in the skin, choose this set if your skin is: normal, dry, mature, sensitive, pigmented, delicate, sensitive, inflamed, fine lined, flaky, scarred, puffy.




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