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Camellia (tea) oil – a quiet but beautiful plant oil for the face.

Last month my Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil came in 2nd place in the Cert Clean Beauty Awards (face oil category). It is so great to have this formula recognized as having not only clean ingredients but also great results.

I have written about the pomegranate oil and steam-distilled lemon oil I use in this formula before, now it’s the turn of the main ingredient (by volume) Camellia oil. Camellia Oleifera seed oil comes from the wonderful tea plant, indigenous to China. And it was the flawless geishas who made this beautiful oil famous centuries ago. They used this delightful oil to remove their heavy make-up and keep their skin perfect.

Camellia oil is very light and absorbed quickly and penetrates deep into the skin, making it lovely to use (it’s very similar to our skin’s own oil) and very effective. It has been shown to help build collagen, as well as preserve the collagen we have, supporting firm but supple skin. Great as we age, when collagen is decreasing.

As we know, tea is great source of antioxidants, and the oil is no different. It contains; vitamins A, D, C and E., helping to make it a very stable oil, with a long shelf life. These antioxidants have great skin benefits too: Vitamin A is vital in healthy skin cell renewal, D for cell growth and repair, C for protection from free-radicals and UV and E for soft supple skin and keeping fine lines at bay. The fatty acids (omega oils) in Camellia oil help to nourish deep down and lock in hydration, leaving a soft, velvety, non-oily, finish to the skin. It’s a pleasure to formulate with and a pleasure to apply to the skin.

This is a newer oil for me (most of the oils I have worked with for 20 years) and I am loving everything about it. So light yet effective. It is the perfect base for this facial oil created to help deeply nourish and heal mature and dry skin.

Find Camellia Oil in my Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil.


Camellia Oil for Skincare

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