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Do we need to change our skin care seasonally?


As Spring (finally) starts to show its face I am being asked about the need to change skin care products. The answer is yes and no… well it depends on your skin. Rather than rely on external places telling you what to do, the most important thing to do it take notice of how your skin is, and how it changes seasonally. Although I make changes during this season, the timing changes each year, depending on the air temperatures and when I need to replenish my products From Winter to Spring the air temperatures rise and with that the amount of moisture in the air rises too, this means much less water loss from the skin. In the Winter skin care is primarily about combatting the water loss, due to cold dry outside air and hot dry inside air. We do this by using concentrated water based products (such as hyaluronic acid serums) and rich oils such as shea butter to seal in the moisture.
As the air temperatures rise you might think about replenishing with a flower water instead of a water serum and an oil serum instead of a moisturizer. By the summer months I will have made the switch.

Personally, I don’t use sun protection in the Spring. My whole body and mind is in desperate need of the vitamin D by this point. Where I live, the sun is not yet strong enough to cause my skin any damage, the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides.

Another point to think about is the scents of the products I choose. I use only true therapeutic grade essential oils in my products, these have many additional benefits to our moods and emotional well-being. Winter I a mix of uplifting citrus (Chamomile & Mandarin Cleanser) and rich florals and resins to boost my mood (Rose & Argan Moisturizer, Argan & Frankincense Serum). Now the sunshine and warmer temperatures are boosting my mood and I am loving the lighter florals (Rose Geranium & Chamomile Flower Water, Argan & Ylang Ylang Moisturizer), a little reminder of all the flowers coming into bloom.

And lastly, exfoliating. A change in season is always a good time to do a little burst of extra exfoliation. I like to pick a week when the sun is due to shine and exfoliate a little more often. I would normally exfoliate every 5-7 days, but as soon as a week of sun is forecast I will add in a couple of extra scrubs and masks, a fresh start for a new season.

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