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Dry skin in the Winter? 3 Likely Reasons Why

dry skin in winter

Dry Skin in the Winter?
3 likely reasons why

1. Cold (dry) Air

Cold air contains much less moisture (water) than warm summer air. As does the air in your car with the heater on high… as does the air next to the lovely warm fire…

This is probably the biggest reason why our skin suddenly feels dry when the temperature drops. Use a rich moisturizer to protect from moisture loss and lock in the oils and waters your skin does have.

If that isn’t enough use something containing Hyaluronic Acid. This scary sounding sugar is found all over our body (especially in our joints and skin) and its purpose is to hold water in. One of it’s greatest abilities is to make it possible for us to absorb valuable amounts of water into our skin (we cannot normally absorb water through our skin – luckily, or swimming or taking a bath would be complicated). However, for me, the most amazing thing about Hyaluronic Acid is that it likes attracting and holding onto water so much that if you are wearing a skin care product that contains it, it will actually steal water from the air and suck it into your skin! How amazing is that!

It just so happens that I have three products containing it, check out these beautifully simple, yet incredibly effective hydrating serums:

Mix them with, or layer them under your oil serum or moisturizer.

2. We Drink Less Water

We drink less water in winter (I definitely drink less water in winter)…it’s nothing new but switching water for extra coffee or hot chocolate will have a negative effect on your skin. Drinking water internally is the easiest (although the reality is debatable) and least expensive way to improve your skin (and overall health). The most effective way I have found is to have a large jug of water filled each day, and the goal is to drink two-thirds by lunchtime (otherwise I’m drinking too much just before bed, and that’s not helpful for a good night’s sleep!). I’d love to hear your water drinking tips!

3. Extra Hot Showers

The hotter and steamier the shower, the wider our pores open and the more oils and water we lose. I am a hot shower person, especially in winter.

I used to just make sure I applied a great moisturizer as soon as I got out but now I protect my skin before I get in. I apply my oil cleanser which protects my skin from all that moisture loss while at the same time provides all sorts of fantastic nutrients from the product. It also smells amazing and so I enjoy my shower even more! Check out my cleansers here:

Does your skin really suffer this time of year? Try some of these tips and let me know how you get on!

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