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Geranium Oil - It's all about balance

Geranium oil balancing skin

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Geranium Oil & Skin Health


Geranium is one of the most well-known and well-used herbs for skin health. It’s up there with chamomile, calendula and lavender for it’s long history and effectiveness.

Interestingly, I used to dislike the smell, a lot, which is why I didn’t use it when creating the original Helena Lane Skincare products 7 years ago. However, over the last few years I have been using it in my personal life and now love the smell, in fact I now use it daily in candles, soaps and even my bathroom cleaner!

It goes without saying I have included it in my new products, both the essential oil and hydrosol (plant distillate).

The key word with geranium is balance. It can be used to balance hormones, to balance moods, particularly with anxiety and nervousness, and to balance the skin. This is why it is one of the key plants in my Balancing Collection. Products created to help skin that is unhealthy, showing oil imbalances, blocked pores, and acne.

Geranium will not only help to balance the surface layers of the skin. It will work on a much deeper level. As a tonic for the adrenal cortex, it helps to regulate the release of hormones, such a huge factor is skin health. If you suspect your skin problems are related to your hormonal health then search out geranium as an ingredient.

It also has more direct skin benefits. It is anti-inflammatory and astringent, and is excellent at speeding up wounds. All ideal for blemished or acne skin types.

Geranium produces a very powerful oil. Its scent can be very overpowering so I have been careful to blend it will other plants that help to mellow it out and show it off. A little goes a long way with this plant, and the results, on mind, body and skin can be remarkable!

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Geranium oil for skin health

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