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Skincare Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner I am now beginning to write Christmas gift lists. I used to think it was really Hard to choose skin care items to give as a gift, “isn’t skin care really personal?” I would always say to myself. But this will be my 6th year of owning a skin care company and what I’ve discovered is that giving skin care doesn’t have to mean “your skin doesn’t look great, try this” it is actually giving a gift that is luxurious but useful. Most people I know are trying to have less stuff in our lives so giving something consumable is ideal; delicious food, fun experiences and beautiful skin care all fit into this category.

So, what can you pick for someone else?

If you don’t know someone very well I find the Flower Waters and Hand and Body Creams the easiest to give (top sellers are the Rose & Frankincense and Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hydrating Mist and the Cedarwood & Calendula Hand And Body Cream.

For someone you know who loves to try new things the Skincare Sets make a wonderful gift, they come with 6 or more different products to try and full instructions on how to use them. The Nourishing Skincare Set is always my go-to, it has a variety of the best sellers and is suitable for all skin types.

If you know someone has skin care they already love but still want them to try something, the Masks and Exfoliants and Oil Serums can be slotted into any skin care routine. The most popular and versatile are the Tropical Fruit & Coconut Rejuvenating Mask and White Willow & Clay Exfoliant and Mask, and the Argan & Frankincense and Rose & Starflower Oil Serums).

But if you want to go all out and help someone start a whole new routine then the 3 basics are a great place to start. A cleanser, a water (flower water or water-serum) and a moisturizer. If you don’t really know their skin type then go by fragrance!

And men can get skin care too! Their favourites are the Argan & Frankincense SerumCalming Chamomile & Rose Geranium Hydrating Mist and White Willow & Clay Exfoliant and Mask.

This year we will be offering shipping directly to gift recipients, with free Christmas wrapping. So it’s really easy to send a gift of great skin care to anywhere!

Skincare Gift

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