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Beat the Heat with Hydrosols


Phew it’s hot right now! It’s easy to remember to wear sun creams to protect against burning but how do we protect ourselves from overheating?

When temperatures get this hot I love having one of my flower waters handy to spritz my face and body. Not only do they smell great, but the plant hydrosols and essential oils have uplifting and cooling effects on the body.

For me, the Lavender & Mint Flower Water is ideal during the day. Although lavender has the reputation of being just a sleep inducing plant, it also uplifts, especially when combined with mint. This flower water contains both spearmint and peppermint to create a lovely light minty blend. All three plants actively cool the body when spritzed onto the skin. So, for these dozy hot days this is ideal to keep me cool and on the ball.

In the evening I love the Rose & Frankincense Flower Water. Both these plants are grounding and relaxing as well as cooling. In (Eastern) Ayurvedic Medicine rose is used, internally and in a spritz, for hot flashes for menopause. I use this generously when the heat gets the better of me.

Both of these also contain the wonderful plant witch hazel, one of the most widely used natural cooling aids.

I carry a flower water with me all the time right now, and when I’m home I pop it in the fridge to get maximum cooling when I can. And everyone seems to love me when I bring it out and offer it around. Stay safe in the sun and don’t overheat!



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