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L is for Lemon Verbena (Hydrosol)

There is nothing quite like the boost from the scent of citrus. It’s a summery scent but almost more impactful in the darker winter months. Lemon verbena brings me there, as well – but did you know that it isn’t a citrus fruit, but a leafy plant often used in cooking? This super-fragrant herb has many talents that you can use in the kitchen and to benefit your skin and soul.

Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citriodora)

Lemon verbena is native to South America, but will live well in frost-free climates. Where I live in B.C., it grows happily all summer but doesn’t often survive the winter – much like the tender basil plant. While I’d love to have lemon verbena year round, it’s that much more special when the fragrant leaves are ready to be harvested and used in teas, cooking, and of course to make my hydrosols!

The Inca called the plant “quechua”, and used it to treat muscle spasms, digestive issues, bronchitis, and even heart disease. Science supports some of these traditional uses, such as treating diarrhea and inflammation, and as an antibacterial. This is good news for skincare, when redness, inflammation, and bacteria are present.

In South America, the plant is used regularly in cooking, and you can find lemon verbena in the kitchens of chefs and amateur cooks around the world. The intense lemony scent and flavour is perfect in fruit salad, teas, fish, and in marinades. Try burying several leaves in a cup of sugar for a few days, then use the sugar in baking for a hint of citrusy freshness.

Lemon Verbena Aromatherapy benefits

Scent is such a powerful thing, and has the ability to take us back in time through memory or change how we are feeling in the moment. I take great care in choosing ingredients for my products that are skin-loving and aid our well being through scent.

Lemon verbena is described as being refreshing and uplifting, while being soothing and calming at the same time. It’s for this reason that I specifically included it in some Balancing products. Acne can be confidence crushing, so starting your day with a product that soothes and heals while also lifting your spirits is a wonderful thing.

The Balancing Skincare Set

Skincare benefits of Lemon Verbena

My skincare products are designed to make the most impact with the least amount of ingredients possible, so you know if something is on the ingredient list, it has a purpose. You’ll find Lemon Verbena hydrosol in both the Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hyaluronic Serum & the Hydrating Mist. These products are part of the Balancing line and intended for all skin types – specifically skin that may be congested and blemished with teenage or hormonal acne, dull or sallow, inflamed or suffering from blackheads or enlarged pores.

Hydrosols contain both the oil and water-soluble parts of a plant, compared to just the oil-soluble parts found in essential oils. This makes hydrosols more gentle than essential oils, perfect for sensitive skin. Lemon verbena hydrosol helps to calm and balance all skin types, while the aroma gives a boost of joy and confidence.


How to use the Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hydrating Mist

Citrusy and uplifting, this flower water balances and clarifies the skin. The Hydrating Mist has two purposes in skin care: it can be mixed with oils (moisturizers or face oils) to provide valuable hydration for the skin, and they can be used as a gentle cleanser. Lemon Verbena helps to calm and balance all skin types and is relaxing and confidence building – take a moment to fully inhale this mist!


How to use the Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hyaluronic Serum:

This ultra-lightweight serum contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin balancing plant hydrosols to give the skin a mega moisture boost. Layer under your moisturizer or face oil to cool and calm the skin immediately. Geranium, lavender and lemon verbena balance oiliness, calm inflammation and are anti-bacterial, ideal for blemished skin.

Lemon Verbena Facial Serum

If you are suffering from regular blemishes or cystic acne, the lemon verbena in my Balancing products will help your skin begin to heal. Be sure to read more about healing problematic skin, and how to best support your skin as it works to regain its natural balance.





Lemon Verbena for your Skin

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