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My love of macerated oils


I first encountered macerated oil (oils that have been steeped with herbs so you get the benefit of the oil plus the herb) when working for Neal’s Yard Remedies in the UK. We sold comfrey, calendula and St.John’s wort in sunflower oil. I just loved the simplicity and effectiveness of them. It was the bright yellow one that started my love affair with the herb that is had miraculous results with my eczema and is now in the base of a few of my skin care products.

So today is a very dreary, rainy day where I am so I thought a quick post about how to make these fab oils and to let you know what I have been making!

So simple, anyone can do it! Just take some herbs, dried or fresh, and pack them tightly in an air tight jar, cover with your choice of plant oil (almond, apricot, sunflower, olive etc etc) and leave in a sunny (or bright) place for at least 2 weeks. If using fresh allow them to wilt/dry slightly for a day or so to evaporate a bit of the water.

A couple of weeks ago, when the sun was shining, I picked some comfrey leaves and wild rose petals:
I then wilted the rose petals and dried the comfrey leaves: Packed them in jars and covered with oil: I used jojoba oil for the comfrey as it will be mainly used on the body and I used apricot oil for the rose as I will use it to make a special face oil.

I will strain them in another day or so! Exciting!

Here are some ideas for oils you could make at home with some easy to find herbs (from your garden, garden center or even your grocery store!)

Mint and spearmint – great foot massage oil, or headache reliever.

Rosemary – make an intensive hair conditioner, or after-exercise muscle rub.

Lavender – sleep inducing massage oil, face oil, insect repellent oil.

Lemon balm – refreshing summer massage oil, cold sore treatment or preventative.

Use your macerated oils to make lip balms, cleansing balms, body butters etc etc it’s a great way to boost the power of your homemade creations.

Have you ever made a macerated oil?

What did you use it for?

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