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Mica – an ingredient we need to know about

Mica – an ingredient we need to know about

Mica is the name given to a group of minerals used in a large number of consumer goods; cosmetics, electrical components, building materials and car paint are just a few. Mica is found naturally in the ground, with the most being sourced from India. It can also be found in other countries such as the USA, and Brazil.

Sadly, much of the mica sourced from India is collected illegally, by children. It is estimated that around 25% of world production is sourced this way. It is a huge problem in the mica industry and it is really important that we educate ourselves and those around us to help eradicate this issue.

As a user of mica (you will find it in my new tinted moisturizers) I wanted to make sure that all my customers are made aware of just how nasty the story can be. And how, as consumers, we have the opportunity to ask questions of the companies we support, and support those who are transparent about where their ingredients come from.

Mica collection is a dangerous job, when done illegally.

Silica dust fills the air, causing severe lung diseases and illegal mines often collapse. Sadly, as these mines are in incredibly poor parts of East India, often families work together as there are no other options for employment and no schools to attend.

Thankfully there are some big companies really making a difference. Firstly, working incredibly hard to ensure their mica supply comes only from legal mines, with many checks along the supply chain. But secondly and more importantly, actively building and funding schools and health care for communities in the mica mining communities. These are the companies Helena Lane Skincare chosen to support.

Read more about the issues and who is helping here:


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