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Oil Serum vs. Water Serum

oil serum water serum

I’ll be the first to admit some of my product names can be a little confusing (I’ll be working on this next year), but the one that seems to baffle the most is the two different types of serums I have. So, here’s a quick help guide:

There are two types of serums, one is oil-based and one is water-based.

Oil Based Serums

Argan & Frankincense

Water Based (hyaluronic) Serums

Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum

Calming Chamomile & Rose Geranium Hyaluronic Serum

Balancing Geranium & Lemon Verbena Hyaluronic Serum
Our skin is moisturized when we use BOTH oil and water, so when choosing which skin care products to buy we ideally need something water-based and something oil-based. 

Water based products

The water serums are an alternative to my flower waters, and these two are the water options. Choose a flower water if your skin is younger, healthier and generally well hydrated. It is also a good choice if you live in a warmer or more humid (wetter) climate. Choose the water-serum if your skin is more mature, dehydrated, sluggish and sallow, if you suffer from unhealthy sin issues such as acne or oil balance issues. Also choose the serum in colder seasons or climates as the air is drier which will cause your skin to lose water.

All water-based products should be applied under an oil-based product.

Oil based products

Oil-based products are the moisturizers and the oil serums. The moisturizers are best used during the day, as they contain protective shea butter. The oil serums are best used at night as a treatment, they can also be used in warmer weather as a daytime moisturizer.

One other thing to note is that you can use the oil-based products (moisturizers and oil serums) just applying them to a damp face, so without a flower water or water-serum. However, your skin is unlikely to be happy if you only use a water-based product, as we really benefit from the oil to seal it all in.

Clear as mud? Don’t forget you can always email me with specific questions or confusions!

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