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How to Fit Face Masks into your Skincare Routine

How to fit face masks into your skincare routine

As a busy mom and business owner I know how hard it is to actually do the face masks that I had all the best intentions to do. However, I also know just how good they can be when done regularly, especially if you are trying to create changes in your skin or improve a skin issue. So here are my top tips for making it happen:

How to Fit Face Masks into your Skincare Routine

1. Forget the idea that doing a face mask equals a “spa night”. I know the vision is bubbly baths and candles but the reality of that is rare.

2. Lots of masks can be done while you are in the shower. This is the number 1 way I use face mask. I apply them before I get in the shower, and wash it off just before I get out. Often the warm steam will actually improve the benefits.

3. While the kids are in the bath is another good time for me. I find this is a great time to cleanse my face or apply a mask. I’m upstairs anyway and the timing is perfect as it means I don’t have to wash my face later when I’m tired and just want to flop into bed.

4. I work from home, and I know lots of others do too. Pop a face mask on when you have your next tea or lunch break.

5. Make it a family affair. I know this may sound insane but actually my kids love it. It’s a great pre- movie night activity at the weekend, and there are lots of super gentle home-made recipes that kids can use. (Try oats, honey and avocado.)

How often should you do a mask? This is different for everyone and the type of mask you are doing. Gentle masks can be done as often as everyone couple of days whereas more “powerful” mask (such as fruit based or clays) might only be done once a week. I know my skin loves a special treatment every 5-6 days.

When do you do face masks? Do you find it hard to fit them into your routine?


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