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Pomegranate Oil - The star of my award nominated Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil

Pomegranate oil for skincare

Pomegranate Oil

The star of my award nominated Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil

The juicy, yet crunchy seeds found in the striking pomegranate contain an oil rich in treasures for our skin. A relative newcomer in the world of plant oils for skin health, pomegranate oil has been studied extensively due to its unique composition.

As well as the usual suspects (vitamin E, linoleic acid, palmitic acid etc) pomegranate seed oil contains a very rare omega 5 fatty acid called punicic acid, a whopping 80%! It is thought that this huge percentage of punicic acid is what makes pomegranate oil so useful for skin that is mature, damaged and stressed.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antitumour and photoprotective are the top properties to come out of the extensive research on skin cells and tissues. This oil improves the regeneration of injured skin, as it stimulates keratinocyte proliferation and repair of the dermis i.e. increased healthy cell production at damaged skin sites. This includes damage by UV radiation.

All this makes it a great choice for products created for mature, sun burnt and UV damaged, dry, allergy prone, and stressed skin. And a great addition for scars and pigmented skin.

Pomegranate oil is not very oxidatively stable, meaning it goes off quickly. So best to mix it with other oils and butters to increase its shelf life, rather than using it neat.

This oil is the star (well one of them) in my Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil. Created for exactly the skin conditions mentioned above. Mature (fine lines and wrinkles), pigmented (the lemon oil was also added for this), UV damaged and scarred skin. Use the facial oil on cleansed, hydrated skin once or ideally twice a day for best results.

I also added some pomegranate oil to my best-selling Rose & Frankincense Nourishing Moisturizer when reformulating last year. Again, this moisturizer is created for the skin issues above but in a richer shea butter base, without the lemon, so suitable for drier and more sensitive skin.

Keep an eye out for this unique oil and don’t forget to eat the seeds when in season. They contain 20% oil so you can reap the benefits internally as well!

Helena Lane



Pomegranate Oil for your skin

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