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Pregnancy acne - what's your story?


So everyone says that your skin and hair look their best ever in pregnancy. Well, maybe for some. In both my pregnancies (I’m nearly 7 months into my second) I have struggled with keeping the skin around my chin clear of blemishes.

I definitely find solace in the fact that these spots are due to the fact that I am growing a baby, but sometimes it’s very frustrating. When you are feeling tired and possibly nauseous no-one can argue that looking good helps you to feel a little bit better.

My skin during my second pregnancy has definitely been much better. When I found out I was expecting I thought about what would help and have stuck to a routine (almost) every day.

I cleanse, with an oil cleanser of course, every night. Paying particular attention to my mouth and chin area. The oil cleanser helps to keep my pores clear without the use of aggravating scrubs. The chamomile and calendula in my cleansers are anti-inflammatory and skin healing.

After cleansing I apply neat lavender essential oil to any areas that look blemishy (if that’s a word!). (Lavender is the only essential oil I would apply neat to my skin, if you find it makes your skin redder then dilute it with some oil.)

I finish with a light oil, such as my serum.

I also do a mask once or twice a week. If you choose a mask with hydroxy-acids these help to keep the skin “moving” ie stimulate new cells to form and come to the surface. This can help with clearing blemishes and reducing scarring. Try either my Lavender & White Willow Mask and Exfoliator or make your own using fresh fruit such as this great recipe from my friend at Actual Organics.

Doing these simple steps has really helped my skin to be clearer this time round – it’s not perfect but it is much much better.

Of course, drinking lots of water and eating well are key in healthy skin too!

What are your pregnancy skin tips?

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