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Roses and Rosehips for your Skin

Rose in Organic Skincare Ingredients

I have roses on my mind today, I just received the February issue of my favourite (online) magazine ( and the first article is all about roses and their many wonderful benefits to our bodies and minds, AND I also just received the labels for a new HLS product to be launched on Valentine’s Day! A simple yet luxurious oil serum with the intoxicating scent of pure steam distilled organic Bulgarian Rose essential oil, one of the most coveted essential oils on the market today.

I will reveal more details of the serum another time, today I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love roses so much. Now, I’m a flower person, I get real genuine joy from all flowers, but roses are special and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. When I look at a rose I don’t just see aesthetic beauty I see a multitude of healing properties.

Rose is a well-known anti-depressant and anti-anxiety aid (inhaling rose can reduce cortisol levels). It has been shown to slow our breathing rate, ideal for moments of overwhelm and panic, and it can also help with pain management.

It is one of my top choices for coping with stressful times and promoting more joy when things are tough.

And what about physically? Applying rose topically has another long list of benefits which is why I love to use it in skin care. It is important to note here that different parts of the rose plant contain different nutrients and biochemical components, which is why I use all these different parts in my products.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, rose essential oil has been shown to improve skin texture by reducing skin barrier stress, so reducing surface water loss.

Astringent and antioxidant vitamin C (in the water-soluble components such as hydrosol and petals) helps to tighten the tiny broken capillaries at the surface of the skin (thread veins). As these tighten they are pulled back deeper into the skin, so are no longer visible.

Rosehips (rosehip seed oil and rosehip powder) contain anti-inflammatory and moisturizing essential fats and a multitude of antioxidant vitamins, including vitamin A, a powerful skin regenerator resulting in smoother skin with reduced fine lines and vitamin E. All antioxidants help to repair the damage caused by too much UV. 

Roses and Rosehips

Another factor for me in the allure of the rose is the sheer number of flowers it takes to make only a tiny amount of oil, one hundred rose flower heads for just one drop of essential oil! This is why rose is the most adulterated oil out there, fake rose oil (like all fake essential and fragrance oils) is not only not therapeutic but is toxic and highly irritating.

Be very careful that any rose products you use contain only the real thing!

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