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Shrink those pores, permanently

Shrink Pores Permanently

How to Shrink those Pores – Permanently!

Whether it’s raging hormones purging oil and toxins, dry aging skin refusing to bounce back or skin care products (most commonly cleansers and exfoliants) damaging the pore entrance it can be a challenge to clean and shrink our pores, permanently.

However, if we take a close-up view of what’s happening to the pores it’s easier to understand why it can be a very simple issue to solve. Our pores have the simple function of letting oil and sweat out of our skin, helping to remove toxins and cool us down. They are also where our hairs stick out from. In order for them to function properly they need to be able to open and close effectively. When they are blocked with oil and debris (dead skin, dirt, cosmetics etc) or the skin around the opening is not healthy it prevents them functioning correctly and looking healthy. Acne, blackheads and enlarged pores are some of the issues we will likely see.

The number one solution recommended by almost everyone is to exfoliate the problem away. With a gritty, abrasive product. In most cases this does seem to work, but only temporarily. Let’s look close up to see why.

When we use an abrasive product (think gritty skin exfoliant) on the skin it swipes off the surface of any debris in the pore (the blackhead) and causes many teeny tiny scratches all over. All these scratches also come with inflammation (our body’s immune response to injury). This inflammation causes the pores to close up and as the swelling occurs it pushes down the remaining debris deeper into the skin. However, over the next few days as the inflammation and swelling calms down the pores reopen again and the pore refills with the debris as it is pushed up out of the skin. A very temporary solution. Oil cleansing however, tackles this issue much more gently and effectively, and permanently.

Starting with a warm cloth over the face helps to open the pores further and loosen the oil debris. Then massaging the oil into the skin, encourages the debris near the top to slide out. Wiping away the oil cleanser with a warm cloth removes all the oil debris with it, without causing any inflammation or swelling to the surface of the skin. When done regularly this will completely empty the pores of all excess debris allowing them to close naturally (this is what pores want to do when they are able). We can encourage this process by using cool splashes or sprays. When we cleanse with an oil regularly, we maintain clear healthy pores and healthy smooth skin.

Another win for oil cleansing!

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