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Tinted Moisturizers 101

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted Moisturizers 101

Adding colour to a product can create a lot of confusion and therefore questions. I hope this 101 helps you to choose your perfect match, and get the best results from your tinted moisturizer.


The colours:

GLOW – a light, illuminating and creamy light beige for highlighting and creating a dewy look.

BRONZE – a rich, darker bronzer to give a natural sun kissed look

Both colours blend with your natural skin tone, so are suitable for all skins.


Tinted Moisturizer Colour Selection - Glow vs Bronze


They are translucent, not full coverage foundations but the product can be built up, by layering, for a more dramatic effect.


They can be applied by themselves or mixed with a moisturizer for an even lighter look. I recommend applying all my moisturizers on top of, or blended with a water-based products such as mist or hyaluronic serum. In colder temperatures the tint can benefit from being melted in the palm of your hand before applying.

I mix the tint with a small amount of moisturizer or facial oil, plus a few drops of hyaluronic serum in the palm of my hand. I then rub my hands together and apply gently to my face using upwards strokes.

Make it last/how to store:

Due to the concentrated nature of this product it can last a long time. Keep the lid tight, your fingers clean and consider keeping it in the fridge for long periods of time you are not using it.

Sun protection:

The tints contain 20% non-nano zinc oxide. This percentage of zinc oxide has been shown to give the equivalent SPF rating of 30. They have not been evaluated by Health Canada…yet!

Tinted Moisturizer SPF

Ethical mica:

Mica is the pigment that gives the tinted moisturizers their colours. Mica mining can be a nasty business, find out about it here. 


Organic plant oil base:

The colours and zinc oxide are blended into a rich blend of certified organic mango butter, camellia oil and rosehip seed oil. Solid at room temperature it will melt quickly on contact with our skin and absorb rapidly.

Scented or unscented:

Choose between no added essential oils or a blend of certified organic geranium and steam-distilled (non phototoxic) lemon.

Trial size available:

Both tinted moisturizer colours are available in sample 4ml sizes…try before you commit to the full size (these also fit nicely in your pocket or purse when out and about, or for travelling).


Some added tips:

Glow makes a wonderful under eye cover-up when dark circles appear.

Glow also looks great on the upper eye area, under the eye brows and over the eye lid, on a night out.

Use Bronze on the cheek area instead of a blush… look like you just got back from a sunny vacation.


Some reviews:

Tinted moisturizer testimonial



Organic Tinted Moisturizer

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