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Top 3 Natural Skincare Products of 2018

Top Natural Skincare Products 2018

I’m not one to look back and analyze the past. When it comes to my business I most often work on my intuition and how things felt rather than looking at spreadsheets (don’t tell my accountant or husband!). But out of curiosity, and to help with creating the new products I did a little counting of what sold best last year, and here are the top 3.

Unsurprisingly this came top again. It has been my best seller every year since I started. It was also the first product I finalized the formulation of.

It contains just 3 amazing ingredients: organic cold-pressed argan oil, organic frankincense oil and organic neroli oil.

The intention of this product was to create a lightweight, easily absorbed oil that everyone can use. I wanted results to be seen fast and the scent to be beautiful. It targets skin tone and texture, unwanted pigmentation and radiance.

Argan and Frankincense Serum

Here are a few of the many reviews I have got about this product:

“I absolutely ADORE this product. I want to scream my love from the
mountaintops. It somehow adds moisture in the winter but also prevents oiliness in the summer. My skin is happy and so am I.”

“Love, love this product! I use it morning and night, makes my skin feel so soft and my lines are getting softer and my skin tone is looking so healthy…”

“I adore this serum! The scent is tantalizing and it makes my skin glow…. It has definitely helped to reduce my severe acne scarring unlike any product I’ve tried. LOVE IT.”


When I speak to customers, friends and retailers this is the product that they mention first. With comments like “I now look forward to washing my face at night” and “I just can’t enough of that smell” I know I nailed it with this formulation.

This product still has only a few ingredients but does have a more complex recipe. We infuse organic chamomile and calendula herbs into the organic golden (unrefined) jojoba oil for a minimum of 6 weeks, and then strain them out. This is the base of all 3 of the cleansers. We then add melted organic beeswax and the organic essential oils of lavender, lime and eucalyptus. This blend of oils is reminiscent of an indulgent spa or steam room, and the cleansing balm base is soft, light and so nourishing for the skin… all while giving the all important deep daily cleanse.

I want skin care to be easy for all of us, and this is the product to make that happen.

Lavender and Lime Cleanser

“This is the first time I have felt comfortable to go out without makeup on.”

“This is the most amazing cleanser I’ve ever used. I was really afraid to try an oil- based cleanser because I’ve had horrible experiences in the past with oil cleansing (cystic acne and clogged pores galore) but this cleanser is pure magic.”

“I feel like I’m having a professional spa treatment in my own home every night!”

Read more reviews on the product page here.

3. Rose & Frankincense Flower Water

I am so excited that a flower water has made the top 3! I LOVE the flower waters (don’t miss my upcoming blog on distillation) and use all of them many times a day, but I do know that for many they feel like an unnecessary luxury behind the all-important oils. However, water is just as important for our skin, and often dehydration in the surface layers of our skin is the number one cause for so many of our skin issues (dullness, fine lines, acne etc). This Flower Water combines soothing and tightening fragrant rose and my top skin ingredient, frankincense in both essential oil and hydrosol form.

Rose Flower Water
This is some of what my customers have to say…

“My skin feels soooo fresh and hydrated! Amazing product! Love!”

“Uplifting, refreshing, luxurious. Let your skin drink it in.”

“..It wakes me up and energizes me! I feel like I am feeding my skin so well!”

So, I did learn something new… the flower waters are earning the status they deserve, which is great as I have been focusing on educating customers on their benefits. I am currently working hard to create a couple of new flower water products, I love the ones I have now but armed with new knowledge and a new supplier of the most incredible hydrosols it’s a category I know I can make even better. I can’t wait to introduce them to you later this spring.

(I promise the Argan & Frankincense Serum and Lavender & Lime Cleanser will not be changing at all – I wouldn’t dare!)

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