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New Product – Tropical Fruit and Coconut Mask

Tropical Fruit and Coconut mask

Using fruit acids to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin is very popular in skin care products, and rightly so. Fruits contain various acids all of which can have fantastic benefits for our skin.

Many skincare companies either extract and concentrate or even synthesize artificially these acids in order to create faster and more potent effects. However, my philosophy includes being gentle to the skin, and too much of these acids can cause burning and damage, sometimes long term, to the surface of our skin.

I always like to use the whole plant or food as much as possible as I believe in a holistic approach to using natural ingredients. ie. Although we might know that one particular compound is responsible for the action we are looking for, other compounds may enhance or even help combat any side effects which may occur.

A great example of this is the pain killer Aspirin, a form of salicylic acid. It comes from the plant White Willow. Taken as the medication it comes with well-known adverse effects to our stomach linings, however if taken in the whole plant form of White Willow, it contains other compounds which help to protect the stomach lining. I think this is very cool.

This is why I have blended three whole dried fruits, each with their own unique skin benefiting properties, for this new mask:



Very high in vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. Skin protecting, collagen and elastin boosting and UV damage reversing.



Contains Malic Acid, which has many wonderful skin benefits. It supports collagen production as well as inhibiting melanin production, key in combating hyperpigmentation, a generally very tricky issue to solve.



Contains the unique enzyme bromelain, fantastic for removing dead cells from the surface of our skin, revealing a soft fresh glow.



As these fruits are powerful on the skin, I have blended them with coconut in order to provide some lovely oils to soothe and nourish the skin at the same time. It also, in combination with the tropical fruits, gives this mask a wonderful scent… apply this mask, close your eyes and imagine you are lying on the beach!

Due to the powerful nature of this mask I recommend starting with leaving it on for just a few minutes, building up the time if your skin needs it. Once or twice a week at most.

This mask was created to replace my much-loved Berry & Hibiscus Mask.

Tropical Fruit and Coconut Mask



Tropical Fruit Coconut Mask by Helena Lane Organic Skincare Organic fruit mask

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